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  • State of the Kiski-Conemaugh River Watershed: Community Shift

    To view the Executive Summary, click here.
    To view the State of the Kiski-Conemaugh report, click here.

  • The Laurel Highlands On and Off-Road Bicycle Association (LHORBA) is building a mountain bike trail around the Quemahoning. Volunteers are needed to help blaze the trail. For more info, contact LHORBA at http://lhorba.org/contact_us.

  • Conservation in Somerset County

    Take a moment to read this review of Conservation in Somerset County. This booklet covers items such as the historical, economic and agricultural impacts on conservation in Somerset.
    Download and read Conservation in Somerset County!

  • SCRIP is on Facebook!

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  • SCRIP is on Twitter!

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  • Stonycreek Restoration Time Line

    As part of the celebration of the Stonycreek being named Pennsylvania?s River of the Year, SCRIP President Len Lichvar details the history of the river?s restoration within this new time line of events.
    Download Len Lichvar's Restoration Time Line now.

  • Stonycreek is named Pennsylvania's River of the Year 2012!

    Celebrations will occur in June, which is PA Rivers Month. Details will be announced at a later date. In the mean time, download this ?blast from the past? newspaper insert publication, A River Revival, when the entire Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin, including the Stonycreek, was named PA?s River of the Year in 2000.
    Download A River Revival now.

  • SCRIP Partners Release Little Paint Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan

    Download the plan now.

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